First Tutor Meeting

Today I had my first meeting with my tutor for this project, Bryan Rudd. It was highly productive and he gave me the go ahead with my idea to record the E.P. He identified that I should see myself as an ‘Autuer Producer’ as I would be performing and I held the main creative vision of the project. I really liked this idea as I do feel like I know exactly which direction I want the E.P. to go in.

After discussing my ideas and influences Bryan understood what it was I was trying to achieve and even suggested some session musicians that I should get in contact with. These include Steve Jackson of Ploughmans Bunch.

I should also consider what my aims and objective are for this project and by doing so; I can decide my learning outcomes. In this regard I am going to make sure I start thinking as an auteur producer and work out what I would like to achieve from the project. I already know I want to focus on arrangement, as it is a key aspect of dealing with different musicians. It is one thing having the backbone of a track written on an acoustic guitar but I will have to think creatively to develop the songs into something bigger than I could achieve by myself. However I must make sure I maintain my artistic vision and integrity throughout. Therefore, I will work with musicians specific to each track so I can best bring out the feel of the song as I see it as a producer. In order to work out which instruments I think will work out on each track, I shall find examples from songs already in the public domain and use them as inspiration for mine.

I have booked out the studio for Thursday 29th January so I should be able to add my first tracks to my ‘work in progress’ tab. In summary I was very pleased with the outcome of the meeting and it has encouraged me to get the project up and running.



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