Overview of Project


I intend to produce an E.P. that shall consist of 4-5 tracks and be loosely based in the singer-songwriter, folk, soul and country-blues genres. I will play many instruments myself that will form the backbone of my songs but I will also utilise professional session musicians. I intend to employ a sound engineer to aid the production process, as I will be assuming the role of auteur producer. However my role encompasses far more than the creative vision, as I shall be performing, engineering, producing and managing the process. In doing so I hope to develop on my broad skillset in the field and mature into a contemporary producer.


Main Aim

My primary aim of this project is to:

‘Produce a four–to-five track E.P. to a high ‘release’ standard so that it can be employed to represent my skills as a producer.’

I understand this is a relatively broad statement, which is why I would also like to break this main aim into sub categories of Producer, Engineer and Artists and Repertoire in regards to my objectives and learning outcomes. In doing so I am able breakdown the three main roles of the contemporary producer and assign realistic yet challenging goals that will develop my skills in each category. I am confident that this will keep me focused and help me mature throughout the process.


1. Producer

My objectives for this category are as follows:

1. a)  I shall write and record relevant arrangements while working with high quality session musicians.

1. b)  I will analyse and critique other producer’s techniques and adapt them with the aim of creating a new sound, that is greater than the sum of it’s parts.


My learning outcomes for this role include:

1. a)  I will have a greater understanding of arrangement and employ it to a professional standard in my songs. This will include the use of session musicians specific to each track in order to maintain my artistic integrity.

1. b)  I will develop a ‘signature sound’ or ‘feel’ to the E.P. which shall be inherent in each track, thus aiding coherence.


2. Engineer

My objectives comprise of:

2. a)  I shall research mixing techniques, select the most suitable for my E.P. and apply them to the final product.

2. b)  I will dedicate a great deal of time in the studio, employing a mixture of traditional and contemporary recording techniques to enhance the E.P..


My learning outcomes are:

2. a)  I will have a greater knowledge of the art of mixing both theoretically and practically.

2. b)  I shall have developed a larger skill set in the studio environment, aiding the creation of a high quality, balanced studio sound that is relevant for the genre.


 3. Artist and Repertoire

My objectives consist of:

3. a)  I will employ an assistant sound engineer.

3. b)  I shall book equipment / rooms / artists in advance and manage the process in an efficient professional manner.


My final learning outcomes are:

3. a)  I will further my abilities as an auteur producer, distributing and delegating work when appropriate to aid the production process.

3. b)  I will have a greater understanding of the importance of the management aspect of production in regards to organisation of talent and creating a piece of work that helps develop the already talented musicians skills.

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