Purchasing Komplete (Virtual Instruments)


After reading several reviews online and getting great recommendations from friends and colleagues I decided to take the plunge and purchase a virtual instruments package. Komplete by Native Instruments stood out as the outstanding performer in this category so after months of trawling through ebay I managed to find a good offer.

The package contains thousands of samples both of real and virtual instruments that will no doubt be useful in my project. As with all things in this project, I am aiming to achieve all of my recordings and instrumentation naturally and originally so I will only use this software as a last resort. It just means that if I fail to find a specific musician or if a recording doesn’t go to plan, I will at least have a reasonable back up.

The only instrument that I am aiming to record solely via MIDI is keys; be it piano, organ or an alternative. This is due to the high quality samples available in Kontakt 5 player. The libraries include 5 different sampled pianos and numerous vintage organs that have a great warm sound with a vast array of control over the production choices. This includes the E.Q. on the instrument to multiple choices on mic placement, which can help get a more intimate feel. The practicality of not being able to record these high quality pianos and vintage organs naturally deems MIDI to be the correct production choice. It also gives me more control over the final end product and I can tweak the sound to my liking more accurately. It also gives me more time to record other interesting instruments such as the pedal steel guitar and the accordion.

I look forward to using these incredible instruments in my E.P.


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 01.04.33 Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 01.03.21

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