The LUMAS Awards



Today I attended the first ever Lincoln University Media Awards Showcase. It was a great experience and I felt it was important for me to attend, as I really want to get involved with the collaboration aspect. This is something that many of the postgraduates highlighted during the evening and it was fantastic to hear the success stories of students who have been in a similar position. This has provided me with inspiration to strive to succeed something that is bigger than myself, and work with other creative people, for example session musicians and my assistant engineer Daniel Marnie.

It also reminded me of the reason why I took this course in the first place, ultimately to develop my skills in audio production but predominantly to enjoy my learning experience. This involves appreciating the work of others and as I saw multiple directors, artists and creative’s sharing their work with everyone it reminded me of a quote from Owsinski (2010),

‘Art is something you do for yourself. A craft is something you do for everyone else.’

It has taught me that while I must appreciate the artistic nature of my project I should also respect my craft and realise the positive impact it can have on others. I now feel a sense that this project isn’t just for myself but for everyone involved in the production, from session musicians to tutors and ultimately whoever hears the final product. By taking this approach I feel it takes my ego as a producer further out of the equation, which can only be positive when making tough decisions during the project.

It was also great for networking also and I managed to talk to many industry professionals who seemed excited at the prospect of my project. The role of Producer takes on many different connotations in today’s society and the Artist and Repertoire aspect cannot be ignored. Networking events such as these are great opportunities for me to develop these skills. Although I didn’t win anything this time around it has given me the hunger to work hard at my chosen field. Who knows, I may be at 2nd LUMAS awards next year giving advice to eager audio production students!



Owsinski, Bobby, 2010. The Music Producers Handbook: Hal Leonard Books

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