The Demos: Fireworks

This song was written earlier this year and specifically with this EP in mind. It has a blues sort of feel and I think would also fit well in that genre as well as folk! The use of seventh chords accentuates the track and provides the listener with a loose feeling which is contrasted by the snare which drives the track.

I have recorded and arranged a rough demo that will be used as a reference point to send to session musicians to give them a feel for how the song will hopefully sound. Much of the MIDI files are extremely crude but the important factor was that the arrangement was there which is key. Everything has been arranged by myself and I intend to use these arrangements (or ones similar to these) in the final track. The song doesn’t have a vocal over it yet but this shall be recorded soon enough and will be added to the track if required by the session musicians

Here is the song:

I think when arranging a track it is also important to have other songs to reference from and recieve inspiration from. The song in this case was You Are The Best Thing - Ray Lamontagne.

I really like the style of it and think that opening my EP with a similar song would really catch the listeners attention.



New Music Channel. (2008). Ray Lamontagne – You Are The Best Thing. Available: Last accessed 25/2/2015.

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