The Demos: Tell Me Lies

The second track on my EP would be ‘Tell Me Lies’. A song written specifically about meeting my girlfriend for the first time at home.

The lyrics haven’t quite been worked out yet but the focus was mainly to get the arrangement down to send to potential session musicians. The song features mainly acoustic guitar but I also hope to include piano, mandolin and drums as the track builds.

I also wish to include an organ to help this however this will be software emulated as I have a great selection of carefully sampled Hammond Organs at my disposal. I am to recreate an organ with a similar sound to that of the one used in the Volcano Choir track Tiderays. 

This shall accentuate the build up of the track further and enhance the whole song by providing it with a backbone. The drums shall come in just after the strummed acoustics do and they should be played heavily to aid their impact.

I’m really looking forward to recording this song!



Jagjaguwar. (2014). Volcano Choir – Tiderays. Available: Last accessed 26th March 2015.

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