The Demos: Mason Dixon-Line

I originally wrote this song last summer and based it around the acoustic guitar. It has a similar structure throughout and isn’t incredibly complicated but I find the fingerpicking to be very soothing and I therefore think that’s what the whole song should promote.

Here is a rough demo to send to my session musicians:

As the name of the song suggests, the song has a very american country feel to it (The Mason Dixon-Line traditionally being the cultural divide between the North and South of America) and I will stay true to this factor and arrange my instruments appropriately. This is why I have decided to employ a pedal steel and and a banjo in the song as I feel it will truly bring the song to life. I also intend to record a fiddle as well to lift the song in certain parts.

In terms of reference tracks, I intend to create a song that has a similar feel to Ryan Adam’s La Cienega Just Smiled.

I hope to have a pedal steel that will sound something similar to the one used in New York City’s Killing Me by Ray Lamontagne.

I also wish for the guitars I record to have a similar reflection sound to them as Bon Iver’s Holocene

I can achieve this by recording two acoustic guitars separately and panning them wide left and right. In the mixing stage I would then use a mixture of reverb and delay mixed with a tape emulator to achieve a more natural sounding effect.

I’m really looking forward to recording a high quality version of this son with my professional musicians!



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