Arranging Out of Hours with Media Loans

A source of great stress for me recently as a Producer has been trying to arrange my session dates. Fortunately I managed to get it all sorted which was a massive relief! This will allow me a much greater deal of time to record that will allow the sessions to be more creative. This will be due to the fact that I can step back as an auteur producer and take stock of each recording. It will also give the session musicians more time to rehearse and practice so they can get into a creative flow and achieve the best possible takes. Ironically this may end in the sessions being shorter! However they will be far more productive as it ensures none of the process is rushed. As the recording dates have been booked far in advance, the out of hours sessions have allowed me to rent the studio space over weekends and evenings, which are far more convenient for the session musicians. This should enable me to the opportunity to record more instruments as I can now fit around their schedules as opposed to the artists trying to work around me. In this regard, they will hopefully be more likely to record with me in the studio.

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