Meeting with the Orchestral Society

Today I took a big step forward to recruiting the classical musicians that I desired for my E.P. I achieved this by arranging a meeting with the Lincoln University Orchestral society. I managed to locate the group by visiting the societies page on the Students Union website but could not find a direct contact.

I then searched the group on facebook and was fortunate enough to find them. However the group was ‘closed’ which meant you were required to be a member to leave a comment or see what was being posted. To get around this barrier I was able to find the three admins of the group and send them a direct message.

I received a response from the conductor of the group, Robert Steadman. He said that they met every Wednesday for rehearsal in the MHT and I was welcome to come along and describe my project to them so I gladly accepted.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 02.21.00

Before arriving I created a sign up sheet with details including the performers name, instrument and contact details. Upon arrival the orchestra were rehearsing a specific piece so I waited until they had finished and entered the room. I was introduced by Robert and began describing my project. I mentioned specifics such as the timeframe, I also stated that as I had a small budget to work with I would attempt to get them as much funding as possible but also reiterated the fact that I was a student. It appeared to peak interest, which was great and after the meeting was completed Robert invited me to join the group and I posted on their wall. Now I’m just waiting anxiously for replies, so fingers crossed!



Lincoln SU. (2015). Orchestra. Available: Last accessed 18th March.

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