Approaching A Backing Singer

I desperately wanted a female backing singer for my project as I felt the extra harmonies and range that a female vocalist could provide would really improve the sound of my tracks. I began by joining groups such as the Lincolnshire Musicians network and searching for vocalists. However I struggled to find a session singer that would record for me for a small amount of money, whilst maintaining a high standard. My budget had primarily been spent on paying session musicians travel so I looked more locally. I also asked the contacts that I had already made if they knew of any local singers looking for session work. My guitarist Robbie Caswell Jones was able to point me in the direction of Indreja Kustov who performs as a member of a professional ABBA tribute band! I was able to open up a dialogue with her and she seemed interested in the prospect of recording in a studio as she had some experience herself at college. We arranged a date (Tuesday 5th May), this was very close to my deadline but she could not make any other dates and I felt that she would add a lot to my project so I went with my gut instinct and accepted.

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