Purchasing CD Making Equipment

I wanted to give my work a professional touch and replicate the process as true to the ‘real’ world as possible, treating the project as if I was actually releasing the cds on the hand in date in true ‘bedroom producer’ fashion. This involved purchasing blank cds, blank cd cases. Cd labels and cd case inserts. To achieve this final product I made sure my designer followed the process correctly by ensuring that the final design would fit nicely into the cd cases and stating the specific dimensions needed. Fortunately I had planned ahead and asked my illustrator for a high resolution image so it could be resized appropriately.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 21.50.35

I purchased basic cd making equipment from amazon and plan to print them off at a friends house as the library don’t let you change their paper!

11292785_10153495594140579_464363932_n 11263184_10153495594135579_1006672529_n

I would have liked to have made a supplementary booklet for the insert with song lyrics and pictures of the production process, along with a long list of contributors with acknowledgements and thanks. However this was something I couldn’t make myself and I decided my time was better focused on the songs themselves. By making the cds myself I was cutting costs and could therefore afford to use and pay more session musicians to work on my tracks which will enhance my EP in terms of creativity and credibility.

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