Creating my EP

Today I finally got to see what my finished product would look like, even if there were no songs on the disc yet! I borrowed a friends printer and covered inked costs and also bought all the equipment myself to save costs. After using free cd making software on the internet I created my templates and printed them off. Here is what the finished print outs looked like:


After carefully removing the designs from the packaging, it came to placing the sleeves into the jewell case cd’s. Unfortunately my designer had put the spine cover on the wrong side but this was not too much of an issue after a bit of cutting and sticking. When these adjustments had been made I finally had my finished product and I was seriously pleased with it. Here is the final design of both the album artwork and the CD:

11292025_10153495725285579_1607860990_n 11269725_10153492461800579_2100861518_n11287289_10153495725230579_521646826_n11257700_10153492461870579_760769452_n


The fact that the final product was a success and I did not sub-contract the work justifies my approach to do so appropriately, and answers to my objective and learning outcome in that category –

A & R – 3. b)

Objective – I will employ an assistant sound engineer, as well as sub-contracting work appropriately.

L.O. – I will further my abilities as an auteur producer, while distributing and delegating work when appropriate to aid the production process.

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