Recontacting my Designer

As my designer Emillie Ferris had already initially sent me designs we had something to work on. I sent her the illustration that the Sophie Corrigan had sent me on 23rd April and she really liked it and got to work on putting the piece together.

I had said I wasn’t too keen on the first font she used so she got round to changing this, and adjusting positioning everything to fit around the image. Here is the first design:

11171833_10206248555555051_406035071_o (2)

I thought it looked pretty perfect straight away! I also asked for her to do a back cover as well with the song titles as well and a few patches of grass edited in from the first image to fill it out. Here’s the first design of the back:

11196605_10206248555515050_1918510917_o (1)

Again, I thought she hit the design pretty spot on, very minimal but honest and coherent with the style of music I was creating which was the most important thing. After a few comments and adjustments over the next few days including the edition of credit for the illustrator and a spine for the album the final design was agreed upon:

11211798_10206286462222694_1551688691_o (1)

I was so happy with the final results and I really appreciate the roles that Emillie and Sophie have played in this audio project. By employing talented artists and sub contracting work to others with skills which I do not possess has only increased the credibility of my project and helped me create something that is greater than the sum of its parts, whilst maintaining creative coherence that is inherent throughout my project. I also think that this process has shown my ability to overcome problems, for example the fact I couldn’t achieve my original design idea yet I managed to bring two creative people together and create a new work of art that is actually greater than my first idea. This has given me an increased amount of confidence and I am proud to call this my EP artwork and link it to the recorded songs. The coherence mentioned previously is key as it links the two mediums and presents the viewer / listener with a whole media package that they perceive to be one whole ‘thing’ when really it has been an organised and precise group effort to promote the values of kindness, honesty and love that is presented in the music.

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