Musician and Engineer Waiver and Release Forms

The following images show the completed musician and engineer forms that I requested each artist to sign before any recording took place. These can be found in the individual posts on the specific sessions relevant to each performer and their respected instrument.

Please follow this link to see why it was so necessary to undertake such a measure.




11272296_10153492391000579_118334248_n 11263767_10153492390980579_718656294_n  11259004_10153492390935579_1074598428_n 11267715_10153492390915579_530246734_n 11256479_10153492390900579_130776129_n 11208975_10153492390890579_122329827_n 11267705_10153492390860579_1351186882_n 11272219_10153492390835579_570858895_n11271267_10153492390950579_1273449903_n

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